Healthcare Organizations are currently facing major challenges leading them to consider HSM's high tech reengineering and outsourcing program:

  • Financial stress from low fiscal returns and increased cost puts pressure on executives to improve their organization's return.
  • Poor quality management caused by ill-trained or inexperienced leadership continues
  • to affect patient satisfaction scores which in turn affects census levels.

  • These are just a few of the challenges that drive healthcare organizations to seek ways to execute their core business functions for the lowest possible cost over time, and to carefully examine their internal ability to keep pace with changing requirements. Fortunately, HSM provides the option of centralizing processes to help minimize the costs of business operations. Firms have an array of options to consider to help minimize the costs of their business operations - ranging from centralizing processes, to outsourcing to a third party- with numerous options in between.

    HSM's Perspective: 

    Deciding how to execute your processes can be daunting. However, there are two key factors to consider when deciding. Firms should measure the strategic impact that the business process has on the organization
    against the cost and impact to perform that process. When considering the cost of execution, you must consider the lifetime or "extended enterprise" cost rather than the short term transaction costs. Depending on where the business process falls in relation to these two key factors, you can identify the most feasible options based on attractiveness to the long-term health of the business